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A face lift and some good shabu shabu.

Shabu Shabu at its Finest

No I am not actually talking about my face, I am talking about my new blog.  While it is still under construction, I thought why not give everyone a sneak peak.  So here it is.  The new “The Local List.”  I even bought a domain name and everything.  Please let me know what you think!!!

On to the more fun deets – food!  I have been hankering for some shabu shabu for such a long time, and I finally convinced my boyfriend that it was a great idea since we were sick, and it was warm, and the steam is basically a humidifier, right?  So Sunday night we found ourselves at SWSH Shabu Shabu.

photo 1

While it doesn’t have an all you can eat menu, the combination comes with enough food for dinner and it just so happens that on Sundays its happy hour all day.  We started with the garlic edamame (it was ok, Jack’s Fusion Sushi is way better) and then we both order the regular combination.  I was super worried it wasn’t enough food for my boyfriend because its only 6 ounces of meat, but then I realized you get three choices of meat AS WELL AS veggies, noodles and about a bite of tofu.

photo 2

The meal was good, the sauces (always my favorite bar) were delicious, and the portion was enough to fill me up.  For the cost its a bit on the pricier side because all you can eat KBBQ is less then $30 and we did not walk away with a cheaper meal or the meat sweats.  The biggest downside of this place is that it is in Diamond Jamboree so you can never find a parking spot.  But the upside is that the customer service is spot on, and if you ask really nicely the waitresses will drink with you.

photo 3

SWSH has a pretty great ambiance, but the portions weren’t impressive.  I give it a 3.5/5.  Here’s to hoping they offer a HungryGirl menu some time soon.

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