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An International Weekend

During the week, I try and eat healthy as much as possible because I know that when the weekend comes I won’t be able to say no to all the goodness that restaurants offer.  I have many friends who are able to eat at a restaurant and order a salad, hold the sauce; pastrami sandwich, hold the cheese..etc.  I just can’t follow that rule.  (And I am even lactose intolerant!)  This past weekend was NO different. 
Alaskan Roll

 I started off the weekend with a low carb diet – sushi.  (I am kidding people. I just recently learned that a sushi roll is as bad for you as a white bread – thanks Alex – but that won’t ever stop me.Because it was Valentine’s Day weekend, I decided to splurge and went to a new place called Sushi Sankai.  We ordered a sashimi poki salad, a roll, and a sashimi plate.  The price came to $50 – steep for normal occasions, but fairly reasonable for sushi.

Thoughts?  EXTREMELY fresh fish, especially the hamachi (yellowtail) and salmon. Unfortunately the tuna was a bit hard to eat; the texture just didn’t make it very edible.  But I would recommend for a nicer dinner with parents, a date, or if you are a balla’ shot calla’ – then everyday obvi.
:bim bi bap:
Later on that weekend I tried something different – Korean.  I have had lots of Korean BBQ places, but don’t stray from the meat.  This restaurant was more of a Korean fusion type place.  Hashigo Korean Kitchen surprised me.  It was mild and tame enough for this white girl, but it offered a lot of variety and spiciness for others.  I tried the tofu stew, which was surprisingly good, and I even ate some Kimchi!  But the best thing that I tried were the garlic chicken wings.  Finger lickin’ good!  The tacos were just okay… They also have a Korean burrito that I want to go back for.
:bul go gi:

 The last stop on my International Tour of Orange County was a Peruvian restaurant next to Sushi Sankai (we traveled far this weekend) called Inka Mama’s.  I have never had Peruvian food before (besides Picca, but that was just sad), and wasn’t quite sure what to have.  I was surprised to see that a lot of the dishes incorporated french fries.  I decided on a chicken-veggie dish and was pleasantly surprised.  It might be located in a lot across from South Coast, but its definitely a “must try” place!

Lomo Saltado
What new places are you going to try this weekend?  Going out of town or to an event? Let me know:

2 Responses to An International Weekend

  1. suzy says:

    There is also a nice Inka Mama’s in the Aliso Viejo Town Center. It is family owned using Mom’ s recipes. Sit at the bar in the back for some one-on-one service. Love it there.

  2. It’s pretty good right? I think they are so nice at the one by us. Let’s plan a fun lunch date next weekend near you, any suggestions? Time for a day trip to Dana Point!

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