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Brunch at Poppy and Rose is not one to miss.


Los Angeles is not too far from Orange County and every so often I have to drive up and show my parents I am still alive and my under-eye circles haven’t gotten any bigger.  On this occasion, I met my parents for a romantic Valentine’s Day Brunch at Poppy and Rose.

Located in the Flower District in Downtown LA, there is nothing else around like it.  The place is absolutely the cutest thing ever.  It’s a comfy, eclectic mixture of old and new – think farm yard casual.  It is hipster enough without making you want to barf.  The food is a great mix for everyone’s tastes.  Brunch also has lunch options for those who are early birds or who like lunch better.  And the coffee is superb.

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If you are able to wait 15 minutes to finally order your food at the counter, definitely get the breakfast burrito.  Although it was way too small for the price, it was so tasty.  The best thing here are the “hashbrowns” which are more like latkes (potato pancakes for you noobs) than traditional hashbrowns.  If burritos aren’t your thing, the eggs benedict is good.  I always get the sauce on the side because it can be overwhelming, and I highly recommend it that way because the biscuits that the eggs are on are FANTASTIC.  I want to try the biscuits and gravy next time because they were that good.


The service was the most impressive thing.  Before we sat down someone wiped down the table, got us new water jugs and silverware.  We were checked in on constantly, and our coffee cups were never empty.  You can even order extra items at the table should you need another fried chicken and waffles.

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Poppy + Rose is definitely a great place to dine at.  However, the counter service was slow and a pain in the ass.  But the biscuits made up for it.  Price wise to food proportion was meh, so in consideration of all of that I give this place a 4/5 for a hidden spot in DTLA.  Hopefully this post doesn’t make it more crowded!

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