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Post-Thanksgiving Hangover

Well it’s been awhile since I gave you anything worth while or a must eat.  And now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time for you to go out and try something new.  Taco Asylum at The Camp is just the place.  While it is a bit over-priced, it definitely is delicious. 

This is a nice place to add into your “every once in a while” spots, although I wish I could go all the time.  My favorite thing to do is get the taco flight.  Short rib is a must eat, the fried chicken is delicious, the duck is a yelp favorite and their surf in turf is quite good.  They have a shrimp special that changes all the time as well as a house special.  When we went it was a habanero duck confit sopa – SO spicy, but really good.  They also have homemade sauces for the tacos as well as fresh juices (definitely helps cut the spice).  They have a revolving tap full of local brews and a wide selection of wines.  Although parking is a pain, the food is worth the trip and the staff is super hipster and fun to talk with.

It seems I always crave sushi on Sundays, which as most of you know is the worst day to get “fresh” fish.  However, Sushi Box still seems decent, and for the price it’s a steal.  Sushi Box is a little hole in wall restaurant located in Costa Mesa.  Although the rolls aren’t pretty, the fish is good.  I love their yellowtail and tuna, and the salmon is pretty tender too.  The best part about this place is their lunch specials.  For under $10 you can get a California Roll and 5 pieces of sushi.  I personally enjoy the sashimi plate, which comes with three pieces of tuna, salmon, yellowtail and whitefish along with a salad and edamame.  Yes it isn’t fancy, yes it isn’t true sushi, but for a low price it is worth the fresh fish and large portions.  Bonus: you can make your own rolls for under $5.  I mean come on, it can’t get better than that.

Now that the holidays are upon us its time for parties, festivities, and going out.  And what better thing to do with friends and loved ones then head to a rodeo.  Okay, not really, but there is a bar in Anaheim serving up some amazing food and playing some awesome music.  The Ranch is located in the most odd places, at the bottom of an office building, but once you step inside you are transported to the heart of Texas.  This is a line dancing bar – if you want to booty grind, go somewhere else.  And this isn’t JUST a line dancing bar, it is line dancing only.  You have to know what you are doing.  This sounds frightening and scary, but believe me when I say it is a blast.  If you are adventurous enough to try it out, people are very friendly and help you along the way.  Some songs are easier to learn than others, but kick back a few cocktails, put on your cowboy boots and get out there!

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When I think of Bear Flag, I think of heaven.  Seriously it is a wonderful hidden gem in South Orange County.  You can visit the Newport Peninsula location, but I highly recommend the Crystal Cove one.  (Staff is a bit older and a bit…quicker.)

The seafood here is fresh, tasty and mouth-watering.  I recommend trying the panko fish tacos because its cheap and good.  But then, you should focus on the fish of the day board.  The ahi tuna burritos are the best, but any type of burrito or grilled taco will have you singing its praises.  For those that like clam chowder, this one is pretty good.  I hate chewy clams, but this chowder isn’t too creamy or too chewy.  They have a little bit of everything for all eaters (but you have to like fish.)  The ahi tuna poke (raw fish cubed with sweet soy sauce, seaweed and sesame oil) isn’t well priced or made with the best quality fish, but if you are starving you can buy it by the pound to go.  They always have the game on, and have bottled beer and and wine for those stressful nights – make sure you check out their nightly specials online.  For fun, you can try to catch a lobster in their claw game.  If you like seafood, this is a place that can’t be missed.

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