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Eureka: How UCI got cool.

Okay, I don’t know if it will make UC Irvine cool, but this new chain called Eureka is exactly what the campus needed.  Although the pub has been voted best bar in Orange County by OC Weekly, Eureka caters to the community not just students.  As much as I love the pub, it does make me feel like I am trying to relive my glory days.  Eureka doesn’t judge me.

Great weather means outdoor seating…

This weekend is supposed to be fabulous, and there is nothing better than eating outdoors in Southern California. (Just wear sunscreen!)  As you already know, I am a HUGE breakfast burrito fan, and brunch is kinda a big deal in my life so I thought I would share one of my favorite spots – Rose Bakery Cafe.  I am a little scared to share this secret, but it already is packed so what the hell.

If you aren’t ordering the California Breakfast Burrito with Spinach tortilla, then I recommend any of the other wraps.  As I mentioned before, I tend to order tuna sandwiches to compare sandwich places, and this place knocks my socks off.  Any of the sandwiches or wraps are exceptional, but the best part about Rose is the baked goods.  Fresh made donuts and cakes and goodies galore.  Some might even say that the donuts here are the best in OC (thanks D for the introduction!)

If you are looking for a brunch, if you are hungover and need take out, or if you want to just sit and bask in the sun with some good food and great people watching, this is your spot.  Even John Elway comes here…

5/5 because I really can’t figure out anything negative about this place…

A little Monday morning pick me up.

Well folks, we are back to the daily grind.  I hope you all had a great weekend.  I sure did and have lots of great eats to tell you about.  But since it’s Monday, we should start with a cup o’ Joe (or tea).

I met one of my girlfriends at Milk + Honey this past Sunday.  Located at “The Camp” (read: hipsterville), it is a cute cafe serving small bites and coffees and teas.  We both got a peach iced tea which was delicious.  (Health conscious people note: it was already sweetened.)

We also wanted to munch on something, so we ordered the acai bowl and shaved ice.  Both have fresh fruit and are really tasty.  The place is tiny, so we had to wait for a spot to sit, but they have a cute outdoor patio for nice weather occasions.  Prices were decent for the size of things, but it is definitely more expensive than your $2 Starbucks burnt coffee, and tastes much better.  If you like the cafe/coffee shop vibe and good people watching, this is your place.

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While you are out this weekend…

When hungry, must eat.

the “doughssant”

So I’m not a big donut person.  I know its sinful, but I just can’t wrap my head around the sweetness and heavy dough.  However, there is this new concoction called the cronut that has become the new “it” thing at bakeries all over the country.  A cross between a donut and a croissant, the Fusion Tea Bar serves their own version.   The “doughssant” is filled with a sweet cream filling with croissant dough and all the sugary goodness that is a donut.  Whether you are eating it for breakfast, or a mid day sugar rush, this is definitely worth a try.  Just try and cut yourself off after one; I don’t want to be recommending diabetes.

burgers, fries, shakes, fried chicken, prosciut

Fried chicken and waffles.  No I am not talking about Roscoe’s; I’m talking about the new fine dining restaurant (I kid) called Bruxie.  It is the latest in brunch spots and is popping up all over the place.  They are opening up their newest location in Costa Mesa, but you can also go to Irvine and Old Town Orange.  They have your standard fried chicken and waffles and other savory sandwiches, but they also have an assortment of sweet waffles, belgium fries, and my personal favorite, Frozen Custard.  Trust me, its better than a milk shake.  It is a Midwest Treat that California is lucky to finally discover.  Bruxie is giving the OC a new take on traditional sandwiches and breakfast foods.  It’s always packed though, so be ready to stand in line.

base+size+flavor+toppings+liquid nitrogen

November in OC means 85 degree weather right?  Unfortunately that is the case right now.  (I never thought I would miss the foggy nights of SF.)  However, warm weather means ice cream is still an appropriate food group.  After a long day at work, or for some fun on a tame Saturday night, stop in at Creamistry.  The thing with this place is that they make your ice cream right in front of you.  No seriously, right in front of you.  Their “thing” is that they use liquid nitrogen to freeze your chosen flavors into ice cream specifically for you.  You pick your base – they even have dairy free – then your flavors, and then your toppings.  Oh and by the way, they have cookie butter.  I am not kidding.  I will warn you, the “personalized” touches do take a while so on busy nights expect a 30 minute wait.  Good luck not craving this place.

P.S. This post puts me at 1000 viewers.  Thanks guys for all of your support!  Hope you are trying out some of these amazing places, and be sure to tell me any of your favorite eateries or events in the OC!

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