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Oh hey there weekend! Thank goodness you have arrived.  After a long week I like to usually unwind on my lovely couch with all the trashy tv I missed during the week, and sometimes sleep through the commercials or boring parts and then eventually make it off the couch to grab food, only to return again.  Well this weekend, we both should try something different.  I will be finding my way to LA but you should check out these sights…

Newport Beach Boat Show – Do you like yachts? Did I really just ask that…Anyway, Newport thinks you do and is having a event to show them off.  Fifteen bucks for adults, at the Marina Village.

excuse me…who can afford these?
Baseball Exhibit at The Nixon Library.  America’s Favorite pastime and your favorite president together at one location.  Just kidding, I like football.  But the Nixon library is supposed to be beautiful.  Wear your little league uniform and get in free.

photo cred: yelp
Wine lessons and tastings at Laguna Culinary Arts on Sunday.  For those wanting to learn about wine or just want to blow $200 on three classes, head to SoCo on Sunday April 8, 15, 22. $175 for all three classes.

National Grilled Cheese Month at Shuck.  I am sorry this is the most amazing thing I have ever heard.  Who doesn’t like grilled cheeses!!!  Enough said.

Margarita flights…that’s a thing apparently.

 Red O, the new swanky want to be Javier’s, is now hosting Sunday brunch.  And you KNOW it includes Endless Bloody Marys, Tequila Sunrises and mimosas for just $20. I’m in.

A little Monday morning pick me up.

Well folks, we are back to the daily grind.  I hope you all had a great weekend.  I sure did and have lots of great eats to tell you about.  But since it’s Monday, we should start with a cup o’ Joe (or tea).

I met one of my girlfriends at Milk + Honey this past Sunday.  Located at “The Camp” (read: hipsterville), it is a cute cafe serving small bites and coffees and teas.  We both got a peach iced tea which was delicious.  (Health conscious people note: it was already sweetened.)

We also wanted to munch on something, so we ordered the acai bowl and shaved ice.  Both have fresh fruit and are really tasty.  The place is tiny, so we had to wait for a spot to sit, but they have a cute outdoor patio for nice weather occasions.  Prices were decent for the size of things, but it is definitely more expensive than your $2 Starbucks burnt coffee, and tastes much better.  If you like the cafe/coffee shop vibe and good people watching, this is your place.

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Day Trip to LA

I traveled to LA a few weekends ago to catch up with my family and some friends from college.  Los Angeles is a great place for a day trip.  The museums, the art galleries in Culver City, Downtown LA bars and clubs, and of course my favorite – the restaurants.

Venice Canals
My parents live near Venice, so I grew up in a very unique area of the world.  Lots of different types of people: families, hippies, homeless you name it.  Well now its the trendy spot and Abbot Kinney is the place to be.  (On a sunny day, you won’t even be able to walk down the street it’s so crowded!)
I started off my day at Zinque on Abbot Kinney and Venice.  It’s a very trendy spot that serves brunch on the weekends.  We ordered a burrata sandwich (added prosciutto), an egg-white frittata, homemade granola and yogurt, and a tomato mozzarella panini.  The burrata sandwich was the best thing we ate, I could barely keep the sandwich to myself before my family ate it all.  I also feel weird about saying this because I am never “that girl” but the granola was un-freaking-believable!  It was not too chewy, not too hard and the  tart yogurt brought out enough sweetness of the granola.
Later that day, I had dinner at a restaurant called Picca.  It was in an unassuming location at the edge of Beverly Hills where my old dentist’s office was.  Pretty weird pulling up, and had to valet as there was NO where to park legally.  (All permitted parking and no lots.)  I was really unimpressed by this place.  It’s supposed to be Peruvian, but it kind of was just a hot mess.  Additionally, the service was HORRIBLE!  The hostess even told my friend that she was a liar!  (Long story, but eventually my friend proved her wrong.)  It’s a place to be “seen” but its not worth your time, or money.
First Fridays at Abbot Kinney
Tourist Tip: A fun sunny day adventure is walking around Abbot Kinney, window shopping, and grabbing a bite to eat.  Or if you make it on the first Friday of the month there is a food truck festival.

Mimosas anyone?

A staple in San Francisco is brunch.  It’s a meal that no one skips on the weekends.  Usually it is accompanied by bottomless mimosas.

As my boyfriend’s birthday approached, I started searching for a bottomless mimosa place on Saturday.  Apparently, Orange County doesn’t do Saturday bottomless brunch.  I literally found like three places, and none of them with food worthy appeal.  We settled upon Memphis in Santa Ana.
Breakfast Special
It was a large party, and they handled us well.  For the price of an entree, you could add on bottomless mimosas for only $6.  If that isn’t your thing, bloody mary’s are only $4, and they are pretty well made.  The food was typical brunch items, but I got the fried chicken and waffles and the chicken was great!  Waffles were ehh, but the ambiance was fun.
Fried Chicken, Waffles, Collared Greens
The only bummer is this location is closing, as the rents in Santa Ana increase with all the hipsters.  There is another location at The Lab but it only has brunch on Sundays.  It is definitely a place to check out, and the service and food isn’t too shabby.  Fun stop for a weekend place!

Eggs Benedict Southern Style

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