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Brunch at Vitaly

It has been hard trying to keep up blogging, working, and eating out as much as I should, so when I had a free Saturday morning, I knew I had to skip Rooster Cafe and try a new spot.  Unfortunately, Vitaly was a bummer.

Vitaly is tucked in the back of the Camp in Costa Mesa.  It is an Italian (fairly authentic) restaurant that serves, breakfast, lunch and dinner, has a coffee bar, gelato and baked goods.  It really tries to offer everything you could want.  The dinner sounds really good – homemade pastas; the baked goods are tasty; and the coffee options are delicious.  However, the breakfast was unimpressive.

For $8.50, you get your choice of a three egg scramble or omelet. However, if you want anything in your eggs its at least another $1.00 for every item you add.  The eggs come with potatoes, but I was only given 4 potatoes…yes F-O-U-R.  It also comes with a side of some type of pita bread but the bread had zero taste.  So you pay $8.50 for three eggs.  It wasn’t that the omelet tasted bad, it just isn’t worth the effort of going to the Camp, dealing with parking and spending $9 to still be hungry.
I know it’s weird, but when I asked for ketchup for my breakfast, this was all I got.  BUGS ME SO MUCH!


3.0/5.0 because the coffee is great, but I will try the dinner just to round out the review.

The Playground, brunch edition.

If you don’t remember, I visited The Playground for dinner a few months ago.  It was so good (especially the fried chicken – dont ask just get it).  So when my boyfriend’s plans for our brunch fell through (aka he didn’t check to see if the restaurant was open on Sundays), I remembered the Playground serves brunch and we headed over to try it out.

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Great weather means outdoor seating…

This weekend is supposed to be fabulous, and there is nothing better than eating outdoors in Southern California. (Just wear sunscreen!)  As you already know, I am a HUGE breakfast burrito fan, and brunch is kinda a big deal in my life so I thought I would share one of my favorite spots – Rose Bakery Cafe.  I am a little scared to share this secret, but it already is packed so what the hell.

If you aren’t ordering the California Breakfast Burrito with Spinach tortilla, then I recommend any of the other wraps.  As I mentioned before, I tend to order tuna sandwiches to compare sandwich places, and this place knocks my socks off.  Any of the sandwiches or wraps are exceptional, but the best part about Rose is the baked goods.  Fresh made donuts and cakes and goodies galore.  Some might even say that the donuts here are the best in OC (thanks D for the introduction!)

If you are looking for a brunch, if you are hungover and need take out, or if you want to just sit and bask in the sun with some good food and great people watching, this is your spot.  Even John Elway comes here…

5/5 because I really can’t figure out anything negative about this place…

4 reasons to C4

Santa Ana is the hipster mecca of OC these days.  When I found out a new sandwich shop had arrived I was overjoyed.  San Francisco had more delis in one district then South OC has in its entire vicinity.  C4 is definitely a welcoming sight!

1.  Clean, yet art deco appearance.
When you think hipsters, you usually think unshowered, unclean, vintage clothes, and obnoxious tats.  Well C4 has done a great job at giving you a retro vibe while keeping it clean and classy.

2. 16 rotating handles and wines on tap as well as bottles you can purchase for in-store consumption.
I love a place that has more than just Sierra Nevada on tap.   After spending a night with frat boys ordering bud light, I could not be more thankful that C4 is as far from the Peninsula as possible.

3.  The price is right.
Delis, especially “hipster” ones could be super expensive.  If this place was located in CDM it would easily be twice as expensive.  But C4 keeps it reasonable by having sandwiches priced from $5.99-$9.99 and they also even have combos.

4.  Food is hella good.
Can’t believe I just said that, but SF has changed me.  The sandwiches aren’t too big, but they weren’t small either.  The Rebuen and corned beef were just incredibly moist and tasty, and the sauces were like nothing I have had before.  They pickle almost everything, and their coleslaw was quite unique.

4.5/5 sandwiches – my only complaint was not enough meat on the sandwich.

A little Monday morning pick me up.

Well folks, we are back to the daily grind.  I hope you all had a great weekend.  I sure did and have lots of great eats to tell you about.  But since it’s Monday, we should start with a cup o’ Joe (or tea).

I met one of my girlfriends at Milk + Honey this past Sunday.  Located at “The Camp” (read: hipsterville), it is a cute cafe serving small bites and coffees and teas.  We both got a peach iced tea which was delicious.  (Health conscious people note: it was already sweetened.)

We also wanted to munch on something, so we ordered the acai bowl and shaved ice.  Both have fresh fruit and are really tasty.  The place is tiny, so we had to wait for a spot to sit, but they have a cute outdoor patio for nice weather occasions.  Prices were decent for the size of things, but it is definitely more expensive than your $2 Starbucks burnt coffee, and tastes much better.  If you like the cafe/coffee shop vibe and good people watching, this is your place.

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