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Let’s get this weekend started!

It has been awhile since I told you about weekend events in Orange County…so here it is.

1.  Bowers Museum has an exhibition called A Quest for Beauty: The Art of Van Cleef & Arpels.  With over 200 pieces to view- watches, jewelry, and precious accessories – you can spend an afternoon pretending you are a Queen in Paris, or a billionaire shopping for his wifey. (Sorry don’t know the guys version of dressing up.)

2.  On the Second Saturday of February, the city of Anaheim hosts an Art Walk downtown.  The street is full of live artists, food trucks, galleries, classic cars and some live music.  Parking and admission is free.  Starts at 6PM.

3.  I have mentioned lots of restaurant weeks lately.  Well the County of Orange has its own Restaurant Week starting February 23-March 1.  But that is besides the point.  On February 22, Newport Lexus is hosting the Launch Party.  It includes a dozen restuarants, four wine bars, cocktails, scotch tasting, and of course some coffee so you can drive home.  Everything is free, its just a $45 admission fee if you get from TravelZoo (normally prices are $95.) 

4.  Don’t forget the Opening Ceremony for the Olympics starts tomorrow night! Grab some pizza and have your friends over for a fun night!

A dining experience

My friends took my boyfriend and I out for dinner at the Boiling Crab this past week.  It truly is a dining experience.  I went straight from work, still in my work clothes (big mistake), and got ready for the feast of a lifetime.  I highly recommend wearing clothes you don’t care about it..or maybe I just spill a lot.  Somehow I managed to spill on myself and my boyfriend in about 10 minutes.
:king crab by the lb:

 The Boiling Crab is the OC’s version of a crab bake.  The tables are lined with butcher paper and the food comes in plastic bags.  You order different dishes by the pound or can order something called the shebang which is a mixture of them all.

We ordered shrimp, crawfish, catfish, sweet potato fries, cajun fries, corn and king crab.  It was a good variety of what they offer, and I got to try a little of everything.  The point is to share food here people, so if you can’t dig into your friends bag of fish then don’t go here. 
:Catfish and Seasoned Fries:
Everything was super hot, and very fresh.  I loved the fries of course, but the shrimp was my favorite.  I actually have never had crab before, so that was fun to try and I really liked it.  We got a whole crab so I got to try both crab legs and meat.  My boyfriend’s favorite dish was the catfish.  It was a bit too fishy for me, so he got my extra share.
:done and done:
The bib and all the napkins are just half the fun, but the food is why people keep going back.  Take your most adventurous friends, and share a messy but exciting night out.

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Mimosas anyone?

A staple in San Francisco is brunch.  It’s a meal that no one skips on the weekends.  Usually it is accompanied by bottomless mimosas.

As my boyfriend’s birthday approached, I started searching for a bottomless mimosa place on Saturday.  Apparently, Orange County doesn’t do Saturday bottomless brunch.  I literally found like three places, and none of them with food worthy appeal.  We settled upon Memphis in Santa Ana.
Breakfast Special
It was a large party, and they handled us well.  For the price of an entree, you could add on bottomless mimosas for only $6.  If that isn’t your thing, bloody mary’s are only $4, and they are pretty well made.  The food was typical brunch items, but I got the fried chicken and waffles and the chicken was great!  Waffles were ehh, but the ambiance was fun.
Fried Chicken, Waffles, Collared Greens
The only bummer is this location is closing, as the rents in Santa Ana increase with all the hipsters.  There is another location at The Lab but it only has brunch on Sundays.  It is definitely a place to check out, and the service and food isn’t too shabby.  Fun stop for a weekend place!

Eggs Benedict Southern Style

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Fried, Juicy, Fatty, and Fresh…

Just how I like my burgers and fries.  My boyfriend is obsessed with finding local dive spots from yelp.  And when I am saying dive, I mean hole in the wall, middle of no where, dive spots.  For the most part, he is dead on.  This past weekend we tried one of his recommendations, The BurgerStop.

So much meat you can’t even see the avocado or bottom bun!

Walking in, I was afraid.  Although it was cleaner than expected, there was only a family eating at the restaurant, and two Asian cooks.  (Nothing against them, but it was burgers…I just wasn’t expecting it.)  I got a turkey burger combo and fried zucchinis and my boyfriend got an avocado burger with pastrami.  Our bill was only $16 bucks.  Such a good deal, and so much food.

I mean I would come back here for the fried zucchinis alone.  I didn’t try my boyfriend’s burger because it was gone before I could ask, but my turkey burger was decent.  I would try an actual burger next time, I just had eaten a LOT of red meat lately.  Located just outside of Old Town Santa Ana, its definitely worth a shot.  Forget Umami burger, get the grease here.

zucc fries
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What did you do this weekend?

Weekends are always too short.  This past weekend was the first time that I got to stay in Orange County for an entire Saturday.  (Wedding season is the worst for travel.)  Being local meant lots of new adventures.

ramen, Ajisen Ramen, Japanese food
Ramen, Fried Tofu and Cutlet Curry

Dinner time at Diamond Jamboree
For anyone who has visited this shopping market, you know that it is like Disneyland for Asian food.  Parking is a nightmare, so try the parking structure first before you battle for spots in the lot.  One of the best restaurants in that area is Ajisen Ramen.  It has ramen (duh), sushi, udon, and rice dishes.  They also have boba for you die hards.  The ramen comes out within minutes of you ordering and is so large that you will not need to eat for the rest of the day.

haven gastropub, beer, orange
Mac n Cheese, Beer flights, and Burger and fries

Drinks at Old Town Orange
This area is probably one of my favorites in OC.  It looks like it came straight out of a movie, with the roundabout and “main street’ walking areas.  There are lots of great restaurants in the area that I must try, but Haven Gastropub has been talked up so much I finally had to stop in.  The food is supposed to be unreal, but I was only there for the drinks.  The draft menu changes often and the wine list is almost two pages long.  I will definitely be coming back here for the mac and cheese though.  It smelled unreal!

Clementes seafood
Fish tacos, shrimp ceviche, fish in Ranchero dressing

The best “hole in the wall” seafood joint
When I find a meal that leaves me speechless I always have to ask myself if I am just starving or if the food is really just that good.  I can say with full confidence that Clemente Seafood was the best hole in the wall Mexican food that I have found in Santa Ana, let alone all of the OC.  It is some of the freshest fish that I have had, and the sauces and breading that they cook the fish in is so flavorful.  The shrimp ceviche is their best seller, but the fried fish tacos were my favorite.  I already told the owner they should expect me to be there at least once a week.  This place should be a must try on everyone’s list, seriously people…

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What to do this weekend…

So if every weekend in OC kinda seems like the last one, its time you tried something new.

hipster, food, places to eat in orange county

Start your Halloween weekend with a traditional “scary” movie at the OC Mix Mart.  This Friday at 6:30, The OC Mix will be previewing Hocus Pocus.  Warning this is a kids event too so if you want adults only, this may not be your scene.  They will have pumpkin “chalk-drawing” (I guess carving is too dangerous in a public space these days?) and you MUST stop in at Portola Coffee Lab for a cup o’ joe.  Get some snacks and snuggle in with that special someone.  Yes, Hocus Pocus is STILL scary…I get nightmares even in my 20s.  Lay off.

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The Hyatt at Garden Grove is hosting the Orange County Chocolate Festival.  Yes, I am serious.  For a mere $28, you too can taste all the chocolate your little heart desires.  Actually just 8 tastings, but you get to partake in the Chocolate Festivities.  There’s chocolate, wines and “holiday gifts.”  I mean the people watching must be great too.  Side note: for you jewelry goers, Stella and Dot will be one of the many vendors there.  (Great gifts for your girlfriends!)

If you are feeling inspired, stop in at the Lab’s very own art exhibit at As Issued.  The exhibition by Laura Levy is called “No Remorse” and portrays serial killers in four-foot tall scratchboard.  Ponder their psyche or just get creeped out.  (It is Halloween after all.)  Afterwards stop in at Gypsy Den for a Chai Latte to make you feel better.

If you have a Halloween costume and are ready to dance the night away, Yost Theater is hosting their annual Haunted Mansion party for one night only.  They have a special Iranian singer performing, and they will have DJs going all night.  It sold out last year, so buy your $20 ticket soon!  Start off at some bars around the area, then get ready to dance your @$$ off at one of the best acoustic halls in OC. 

Finish off the weekend with the OC Wheeze put on by Lululemon.  If you aren’t too hungover from Saturday’s events, or glued to the NFL games, stop by Woodbridge Park for the event.  It is the first ever event, and Lululemon is hosting free yoga all day with vendors and music playing.  For those more adventurous there is a 5 and 10k.  Its a minimal registration fee and all proceeds go to the John Wayne Cancer Foundation.