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Oh my goshie its Omakase!

Okay how corny am I, right? But I needed to catch your attention on this awesome hole in the wall in Tustin.  A coworker recently suggested this amazing spot called Sushi Wasabi for some of the freshest fish in Orange County.  So when my fiance turned 29, I decided to take him out for his favorite food at a new spot.


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Gyu-Kaku: the gift that keeps on giving.

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I first attended this glorious restaurant in LA.  It was new and all the rage when I was in high school.  Unfortunately, that was quite a long time ago.  Anyway, this place is still a fun spot – especially during happy hour.  So when I was trying to think of a place to grab dinner at 8:00 on a Friday, I thought why the heck don’t I try this place out again?

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It’s getting hot in here so take off…I mean…

Well kids its supposed to be a scorcher this week (again).  I know we were all hoping for fall to arrive, but that’s just not in the cards.  I hope you have your A/Cs blasting but if you don’t (or if you are just in the mood) stop by the newest trendy ice cream spot: Snow Station.

Snow Station serves shaved “snow”.  No it’s not a snow cone that you pour horribly sweet syrup on top and melts all over your hand.  Shaved snow or as I call it ice is just that – shaved. ice.  The snow is first flavored – while its still liquid obviously – then frozen in large batches.  Then when you place an order, the workers (I don’t know what to call them) put the big batch in a machine that literally shaves the ice like you would gyro meat.  It comes off in neat shavings and then you can put toppings or syrups on it.  The creations are endless.

up close and personal thai tea flavored shaved ice
Snow Station offers you big, bigger or biggest.   You get to choose toppings of all sorts to go on your shaved snow.  I made the mistake of putting mochi on it.  It was weird, don’t do it.  But there are tons of options, and they are quite various; just like any other Pinkberry/Fro-yo spot.  Lastly, you can put different sauces on top.  I opted out of this option, but my friend got the condensed milk on her Green Tea snow.  It was very sweet, but I mean…I didn’t complain.
Green tea, berries and condensed milk
For a refreshing treat that won’t bloat your stomach like ice cream, or make you thirsty like fro-yo (or is this just me?), try Snow Station. It is light, refreshing and has a ton of different options to help you create the perfect sweet treat.  It also isn’t badly priced, and is pretty close off the freeway in Tustin.  Definitely stop in!

Wanna have some fun this weekend?

Tour Belgium at Total Wine & More tonight at 6:30-8:30pm.  For only $15, you can enjoy Belgian beer styles such as Trappist and Abbey Ales at their stores in Tustin and Laguna Hills.  Seating is limited so call ahead!  (If you miss this, they are also doing a Belgian tasting Saturday from 3-5pm.)

Well who would have thought that Pi day would land on a Friday.  No seriously, it’s 3-14 and pizza joints are celebrating.  Blaze (at UTC) is selling their pizzas all day for just $3.14 and Pie-Not (in Costa Mesa) will be selling meat pies from 7-8PM.  If you haven’t been to Blaze I highly recommend it.  It’s a make your own thin crust pizza that cooks in about 3-4 minutes. It’s fun.  Haven’t checked out Pie-Not but I am a little bummed they cheaped out on this fun day!  I mean only one hour?! BOooo.

Yost Theater is celebrating the Rock Star Beer Festival this Saturday with live music from Breach The Summit, Ceasefire, DJ Topsider and more than 35 craft beers to taste.  It’s from 6-10PM and costs $50.  Sounds steep BUT it includes unlimited beer AND a rock show.

Try out a walking food tour in Laguna this Saturday.  The Food Tour in Laguna Beach “captures culinary delights mixed with an intricate cultural experience”during a 3-4 hour tour through “The Village” of Laguna Beach.  Since it’s going to be in the 80s, I would wear sunscreen.  There are even options to buy booze along the tour for those that are thirsty…(Buy your tickets in advance!)

Restaurant opening: The Dessert Lab opened on MacArthur near John Wayne airport.  The Dessert Lab specializes in, you guessed it, dessert.  Specifically though, they make cheesecakes–little, single-serving ones the shape of hockey pucks. But what you probably didn’t expect are the unusual flavors they come in.  I cannot wait to try the French Toast Bacon!  (Brick and Mortar of Vijay’s Catering)

Painting and Wine!

Pinot’s Palette is opening a new franchise in Tustin on March 15!  This is the new trend of spending two to three hours painting a picture with your friends or loved one and having some drinks while you do it!  You don’t need to have any experience, and you will get to keep your painting at the end!

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