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Married Bliss

So, I have been contemplating whether I would start this again.  Keeping up with a blog, a 60 hour plus job, wedding planning, and trying to keep up with family and friends literally broke me.  Now that I am a married woman, I was unsure if I wanted to tackle this head on again.  So here I am, over a year since my last post…and still unsure.

first look

Life after wedding planning is a really weird thing.  You feel like you lost something, not sure of how to move forward with your spare time, and your forgotten dreams.  For a while I was content with just Instagraming my food pictures, my cooking pictures (gasp!), and anything else I felt interesting.  But Instagram lacks the insight and the detail that a blog allows me to share.  Then I just stopped going on social  media altogether because the world made me sad.


But today something changed.  Something made me go, hmm, and so now I’m back…from outer space…oh sorry, tangent.  I’m here again, but I’m here with a new perspective.  Yes, I will give you food.  Yes, I will give you reviews.  But I also want to help you learn more about products, about food, about the world.  I hope to stop being just another food blog and start making you think about what you’re eating.  No I haven’t gone full blown vegan, but yes I have more of an interest in what I’m consuming.  So here goes nothing…

Oh my goshie its Omakase!

Okay how corny am I, right? But I needed to catch your attention on this awesome hole in the wall in Tustin.  A coworker recently suggested this amazing spot called Sushi Wasabi for some of the freshest fish in Orange County.  So when my fiance turned 29, I decided to take him out for his favorite food at a new spot.


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A New Year, A New Me, a New Life

Welcome and Happy New Year.  I have been quite a stranger this past year.  I left you high and dry.  But friends, I needed to go through some changes to be ready to get back here.  Don’t worry, I still ate a ton, drank some more and went on quite a few adventures.  For starters, I got engaged!!!  Which is always exciting, and always stressful.


I also decided it would be smart to start a new job.  Which is crazier than planning a wedding but I decided to do both…at the same time.  Like the break up of a boyfriend, it took me some time to get through all this change and I am still learning how to juggle all the things I have going on.  In the meantime, I eat, I adventure, and I learn.  So guys, I am back to share that journey.  And what better place than starting with pizza at 800 Degrees.


800 Degrees is a fast service pizza place, really the first of its kind before we got Blaze, Pizza Rev, etc.  It is located in Westwood, in good ol’ Bruin territory.  You order one of the 3-4 pizzas at a counter, and then can add on additional toppings (there are many) for a dollar each topping.  Then, your pizza goes into their oven to cook for 3-4 minutes at “800 degrees.”  Get it?


800 Degrees also offers salads (see above – The Baby Kale Salad), burrata appetizers/small plates, and side dishes.  The meatballs are amazing, and I love the beets and burrata.  The options are endless, and if you can’t pick a pizza, they have specialty pizzas ready for your choosing that are well balanced and tasty.  I prefer the make your own though because I am in the mood for something different every time I visit this place.


I really love the crust on the pizzas here, and I like how quick you get your food without feeling like it is pre-made.  It doesn’t hurt that there is a great wine and beer selection to help you eat your carbo load.  And when you are done, there is a gelato bar for those needing a night cap!

5/5 for service, 4/5 for fast casual dining, 3.5/5 for price


Do you cook?

So as you probably have noticed there are ZERO recipes or cooking experiences on this blog.  Most food blogs like mine have a mix of restaurants and home cooking.  Well I’ll let you in on a little secret….I can’t cook.  I mean, yes I can toast bread (sometimes) and I have learned how to scramble an egg (mostly) and I can usually bake cookies (unless I forget to mix the eggs in), but I am no cook.  I got lucky and found a man that can do all that, otherwise I would have survived off of Trader Joe’s frozen goods.  Well, the point of this long pathetic story is to tell you I have found a wonderful blog FULL of cooking recipes and exciting fashion updates.  Whether you are health conscience or want a new sugary dessert treat, check out:

You won’t want to miss out on her cooking posts and even learn a little bit about how to dress better 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Or not…Lately I haven’t been a fan of this overly sweet, overly pink holiday.  It’s a day where people post about the sweet things that they do for each other.  Question: why can’t you do that on other days?

Additionally, Valentine’s day is THE WORST day to eat out.  Every restaurant is overpriced, serving prix-fix meals for the masses.  Additionally, those same “romantic” restaurants want you in and out in 45 minutes, and you are surrounded by awkward couples on their first date, cougars on their third date of the night, or old sweet couples that make you jealous of how cute they are.

Okay enough griping.  Anyway, for my Valentine’s Day I have decided to enjoy some sushi take out from my favorite spot, with some amazing vino (what obnoxious people call wine) and hopefully a marathon of House of Cards.  But clearly I am a Grinch.  I was going to post about all the places you COULD have a romantic date night, but if you don’t have reservations you ain’t gettin’ in.

If sushi ain’t your thing, try some pizza places or always a win – Chinese food.  If you are being just the cutest sweetest thing ever, let me know where YOU like to go for Valentine’s Day.  And seriously people, have a great Friday!