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Fried, Juicy, Fatty, and Fresh…

Just how I like my burgers and fries.  My boyfriend is obsessed with finding local dive spots from yelp.  And when I am saying dive, I mean hole in the wall, middle of no where, dive spots.  For the most part, he is dead on.  This past weekend we tried one of his recommendations, The BurgerStop.

So much meat you can’t even see the avocado or bottom bun!

Walking in, I was afraid.  Although it was cleaner than expected, there was only a family eating at the restaurant, and two Asian cooks.  (Nothing against them, but it was burgers…I just wasn’t expecting it.)  I got a turkey burger combo and fried zucchinis and my boyfriend got an avocado burger with pastrami.  Our bill was only $16 bucks.  Such a good deal, and so much food.

I mean I would come back here for the fried zucchinis alone.  I didn’t try my boyfriend’s burger because it was gone before I could ask, but my turkey burger was decent.  I would try an actual burger next time, I just had eaten a LOT of red meat lately.  Located just outside of Old Town Santa Ana, its definitely worth a shot.  Forget Umami burger, get the grease here.

zucc fries
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