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I really hate when I get bad service.

Whenever I hear about a new opening, I try to visit the restaurant as soon as possible.  Bosscat Kitchen was no different, and I was even more inclined because it is around the corner from my work and a friend had visited it with great reviews.  So when I needed a place to celebrate my birthday, this was my first choice for my girls’ night out.
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shrimp and grits

Bosscat has a gastropub feel – cocktails, craft beer, and Crow Bar-esque food.  The food was actually pretty great: the short rib was phenom, the shrimp and grits are good but spicy, and the red velvet churros were the best thing we had there.  The burger also looked tasty and the fries are worth ordering.  However, the pricing of the food is WAY off.  These are tapas style sizes but at a price tag of $15-20 per plate.  Outrageous.  
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cornbread and huckleberry butter
But what really ticked me off was the service.  It took about 45 minutes for us to flag down our waitress to order our food, we couldn’t find her to even get a spoon to serve ourselves, and the bus boy took my friends sharing plate TWICE without asking.  Not only that, but as we were leaving we found out the kitchen had “closed” (at 9:30 PM) because they couldn’t handle all of the orders coming in.  Get your shit together people…

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red velvet churros with cream cheese frosting
The space was actually really nice because its indoor/outdoor with a large patio so the sound has somewhere to escape and you aren’t too hot inside a bar.  The owner John came out and introduced himself and gave us some birthday shots (which clearly I loved), but then he disappeared in the kitchen to help bring out orders.  It just seemed very disorganized and chaotic.  This place needs to settle in and work out all the kinks.  Until they can learn how to be attentive to their guests, I would recommend this place for drinks only, otherwise you might be waiting all night to order your dinner.

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french fries with housemade ketchup
3.5/5: The food was tasty so I can’t totally bash, but with all the options of places to eat in Orange County, I am over the whole bad service thing that I keep running into…hopefully Friday was a wake up call and they will get more help and soon!

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