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Interested in Healthy Lunch Options?

During the week I always try to keep my meals “light” because on the weekends all hell breaks lose.  (Read: drunk munchies and hangover cures.)  There is a new fad taking shape in Orange County, and Tender Greens is leading the way.
Chinese Chicken Salad

Tender Greens is a new type of restaurant which is counter service, pre-made soups and sides, and fresh tossed salads.  Like Urban Plates, this restaurant has healthy options, is allergy friendly and has really damn good food.  It is going to be pricier than Togos or Subway, but you are going to get food that is a lot better for you.  Located at University Town Center, there is tons of parking and lots of space to eat indoors or outdoors.  (There’s one at Irvine Spectrum with great outdoor seating too!)

tomato soup
The absolute best thing here is the tomato soup.  Rivaling Nordstrom’s Tomato Bisque, this soup is dairy free (for us lactards) and comes with a toasted piece of bread.  There are salads of every variety, meat dishes that you can pair with lots of tasty sides (think roasted potatoes or my fave – brussel sprouts!) or make into a sandwich.  And of course there are lots of tasty beverages too.
the local list
cobb salad
Try this place out for a new spot in your weekly routine, or take the parents out for a “fancy” dinner on you!  Whatever gets you there, you won’t regret it.”> alt=”Tender Greens on Urbanspoon” src=”” style=”border:none;width:104px;height:34px” />

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