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Married Bliss

So, I have been contemplating whether I would start this again.  Keeping up with a blog, a 60 hour plus job, wedding planning, and trying to keep up with family and friends literally broke me.  Now that I am a married woman, I was unsure if I wanted to tackle this head on again.  So here I am, over a year since my last post…and still unsure.

first look

Life after wedding planning is a really weird thing.  You feel like you lost something, not sure of how to move forward with your spare time, and your forgotten dreams.  For a while I was content with just Instagraming my food pictures, my cooking pictures (gasp!), and anything else I felt interesting.  But Instagram lacks the insight and the detail that a blog allows me to share.  Then I just stopped going on social  media altogether because the world made me sad.


But today something changed.  Something made me go, hmm, and so now I’m back…from outer space…oh sorry, tangent.  I’m here again, but I’m here with a new perspective.  Yes, I will give you food.  Yes, I will give you reviews.  But I also want to help you learn more about products, about food, about the world.  I hope to stop being just another food blog and start making you think about what you’re eating.  No I haven’t gone full blown vegan, but yes I have more of an interest in what I’m consuming.  So here goes nothing…

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