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Habana – A little taste of Cuba

Now that the flood gates to Cuba have started to open, it was only time that I began a culinary Cuban adventure before I book my future trip.  And what better place to start then at Habana at The Lab for my best buds birthday dinner.

pot roast

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Hapa Cupcakes wasn’t even halfway good.

Voted as one of the best sweets in Orange County, I knew I had to check this place out.  After stumbling around Downtown Fullerton one weekend, I walked into Hapa Cupcakes.  Known for their alcohol infused cupcakes, Hapa Cupcakes has a wide variety of cupcakes to try.


On this occasion, I got the strawberries and champagne cupcake (alcoholic) and the caramel coffee cupcake.  I will give them another chance because I tried only two, but I was not impressed.  The frosting was so sweet and was not proportional to the cake.  And the cake, well it was dried out.  When you are living in the land of Sprinkles and Susie Cakes, you better be on your A-Game, and Hapa Cupcakes missed the mark.

photo 1(3)

While the idea itself was great, the execution fell short.  It’s no wonder they got cut early on Cupcake Wars.  Not that I would ever say no to a cupcake from here, but I am definitely not driving over to Fullerton for these bad boys.  If you want to splurge on calories, go elsewhere.

photo 3(3)

2.5/5 for innovation and creativity, yet lack of flavor and proportion.  Fulfill your sweet tooth elsewhere.

Brunch at Poppy and Rose is not one to miss.


Los Angeles is not too far from Orange County and every so often I have to drive up and show my parents I am still alive and my under-eye circles haven’t gotten any bigger.  On this occasion, I met my parents for a romantic Valentine’s Day Brunch at Poppy and Rose.

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A face lift and some good shabu shabu.

Shabu Shabu at its Finest

No I am not actually talking about my face, I am talking about my new blog.  While it is still under construction, I thought why not give everyone a sneak peak.  So here it is.  The new “The Local List.”  I even bought a domain name and everything.  Please let me know what you think!!!

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