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5 Responses to Quick Question Friday

  1. HungryGirl Mills says:

    Mendocino Farms is my favorite sandwich place. Started up in DTLA, I would go every time I visited my dad. Down here it is still just as good!

    What place should I check out next?

    • Brenna A. says:

      Sessions in Newport is supposed to be good. I have only tried a bite of a friends sandwich though. You should try it if you haven’t!

      • HungryGirl Mills says:

        I have heard such wonderful things and end up always being full right before I drive by. I MUST get there soon!

  2. Hangry Haley says:

    Billys on Del Mar in San Clemente

  3. Huyen says:

    Cortina’s Italian Market! There’s a location in Anaheim and in Orange.

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