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The age old question: Shake Shack or In-N-Out

Well first and foremost, I am a Southern California girl, born and raised in Los Angeles, living most of my adult life in Orange County – where In-N-Out is from for those of you uneducated.  So of course, I will never, haven’t ever, and will not bash that beautiful specimen of a joint.  However, (you saw that coming didn’t you) what I will say is that Shake Shack is pretty dang good for a burger joint.


I had the pleasure of trying Shake Shack for the first time after a night of partying at my cousin’s wedding in Chicago.  Obviously the thing I needed most in life was a greasy burger and some fries.  I had been in New York several times before, but never felt the need to try it out…I mean my thinking was “WE have In-N-Out, what do I need THAT place for?”  However, I knew it was time to try it out, and now I have to admit I was oh so wrong for living without it.


Being the fatty that I am first time that I tried it, I had to get the burger, shackburger, fries, cheese fries, and a black and white malt.  (Don’t worry I split most of it with my fiance).  The burger was meh.  It had no dressing, came with regular toppings and wasn’t salty or greasy.  I would definitely pick In-N-Out’s hamburger over this one.  It was a fine burger, but just nothing compared to In-N-Out.  However, the shackburger was a different story.  The shackburger had great cheese, and the sauce…oh man.  It wasn’t the type that makes your stomach hurt right away either (sorry In-N-Out).  The quality of the burger was really good for a “fast food” joint. The best part was the soft, toasty bun that was still attached on one side.  Although I will say that I did miss my grilled onions a bit…


In addition to all the meat, I tried the fries and the cheese fries.  For those of you like me who live, breathe, and die in animal style heaven, I have to give this round to Shake Shack.  The fries themselves are not overwhelmingly greasy.  They are perfect little vessels for ketchup.  But the cheese is really where it’s at.  I hate nacho cheese so I thought these would be disgusting…unfortunately I was so so so very wrong.  I couldn’t put these bad boys down.  Something about this cheese was different, although no secret sauce on top…


To wash everything down, I got a black and white malt.  For those that don’t know, a malt is powder used in a milkshake to make it richer (and a lot tastier).  The black and white usually means chocolate (black) syrup with vanilla (white) ice cream.  I didn’t confirm if this was the way its made here (see: too hungry for life itself), but it was really tasty.  It wasn’t thick like In-N-Out shakes or hard to drink out of the straw.  I like that Shake Shack also serves beer and wine too.


At the end of the day, I wouldn’t choose one over the other.  In-N-Out is cheap, fast and the secret menu always makes me feel special.  Shake Shack was excellent as well, but is a more “upscale” joint with menu items that are all listed.  I am happy to have found this new place, and cannot wait until it comes to the West Coast.

4.5/5 for fast food that doesn’t make you sick.




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